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Teacher Resources


Teacher cards will be going away at the end of the 2022-2023 school year.

Beginning in September 2023, teachers can use their personal library cards to check out materials for school. Previously, teacher cards were used to assist library staff in knowing what items should not be fined and giving teachers the ability to place more holds and checkout more items.

All OWLSnet library cards now have a 150 item checkout limit and up to 50 holds can be placed on a card at one time. Due to the increase in limits on regular library cards and Clintonville’s fine free policy, we have decided to stop offering teacher cards. You can now do everything you need from one card.



Class Visit Scheduling

Plan a class trip to the library!  Want to bring a group of students in for storytime? Or a librarian to drop in to the classroom for a unique lesson? You can request a reservation by filling out the Class Visits Form at least three days prior to your visit. A confirmation call or email will follow to ensure all parties can agree on a time and place. 

Weekly or bi-weekly library visits are also encouraged. When making reservations for these, please specify how often you would like to come, and the day and time you plan on visiting. These visits can include a story and time to browse and check out materials if students bring along their library cards. Typically expect to block off 30 minutes for time in the library AND any additional time for walking.

If you would prefer a visit to your classroom from a library representative, please note the room number. Be prepared to block off half an hour of class time for a staff member to present, answer questions, and pass around information handouts.

Lesson Materials Request Form

At the Clintonville Public Library, we are committed to helping educators with their classroom instruction. We are partners with educators in teaching the students of our community.

If you are a teacher, and you are working on a unit in class, we can gather books at the library about the subject you are studying. Please provide us specific instructions on the Materials Request Form about what you would like us to gather. The selected materials will be checked out to your teacher card. We will notify you when the selection is ready to be picked up or we can coordinate a delivery to your school. 

Please give us at least one week to gather your collection. If you know your themes well in advance you can fill out your forms well in advance, too!

Purchase Request

If you notice a part of our collection that needs updating, or you have a suggestion for a particular book to add, let us know via our Purchase Request Form! We are always happy to hear what can be added to the library so that we can continue being an up-to-date resource for you and your students. 

Meeting Space

The library also has meeting rooms available. Call the library at (715) 823-4563 to make a reservation. Please reserve at least 24 hours in advance.