Library FAQ

How do I obtain a library card?

To obtain a library card, please ask for an application at the front desk. Some form of ID with your name and current address on it must be shown at the time of application. If you are new to the area and do not have current ID, you may obtain a account that only allows two items to be checked out at a time. People younger than eighteen years of age will need a parent or legal guardian's signature on the application. There is no charge to obtain a library card.

What if I lost my library card?

If you lose your library card, a new card will be issued to you. There is a $3.00 charge for this service.

May I use my library card at other libraries?

Your library card may be used at any InfoSoup library.

What kinds of items may I borrow from the library?

There are a wide variety of items for you to borrow from the library, including:

  • Books
  • Large print books
  • Magazines
  • Audiobooks
  • Music CDs
  • Movies
  • Board books
  • Games
  • Puppets
  • Puzzles
  • Audiovisual equipment
  • and more!

May I have a book sent here from another library?

If you find an item you would like to borrow at another OWLSnet library, you may place a hold for it in our online catalog. Please ask for assistance at the front desk.


Are there any limits on how many items I may check out?

Adults: 75 items; 25 Blurays/DVD's/Videogames

Juvenile: 25 items; 7 Blurays/DVD's/5 Videogames


How long may I keep items from the library?

Books and most other items are checked out for a four-week period with these exceptions:

  1. Videos and DVDs are checked out for one week
  2. Magazines and Music CDs are checked out for two weeks

Does the library have computers and photocopiers available for the public?

The library has six computers available for public use. See Computer Access for more information.

A self-service photocopier is also available for public use at the library. Copies cost $.15 per page in black and white and $.25 per page in color. You may also borrow the following equipment with your library card:

  • Overhead Projector
  • Opaque Projector
  • Slide Projector
  • Filmstrip Projector
  • Projection Screen
  • 16mm Projector
  • Projecta Scope
  • Cassette Player
  • Multimedia Projector
  • Nature Kit
  • VHS Player
  • Watts Unit (measures watts of electricity)
  • Wisconsin Digital Talking Book (for the hearing impaired)

To reserve equipment to be checked out, please plan ahead and call the library at (715) 823-4563.

May I renew items I have checked out?

Materials may be renewed if no one else has placed a hold on them. There is a limit of three renewals per item.

Do you charge fines for overdue items?

The library will charge the following fines for overdue materials:

  • Books and other items, not including videos: $.10 per day per item. Children's books and accounts are "fine free".
  • Videos: $1.00 per day per video.
  • Fines of $5.00 or more will prevent you from checking out materials and using the library computers.


What does “fine free” mean?

Fines are charged for materials returned past their due date. Fine free will eliminate fees charged for returning materials to the library after their due date.

Do I still need to return my library books?

Yes! Items that are kept 28 days past their due date are considered lost, and the replacement value is charged to your account.

Doesn’t the library need the overdue fine money to operate the library?

Overdue fines make up a very small part of the library budget, about 2%. Most of our funds come from city taxes with supplemental funds coming from donations, and The Friends of the LIbrary. All donations made to The Friends of the Library are greatly appreciated.

Will I get charged an overdue fine for a book I pick up that is not owned by Clintonville Library?

On a juvenile card, you registered for at the Clintonville Library, no. Juvenile books not owned by our library on an adult card, yes.

Can I check out materials if there are other fees/charges on my card?

If your fees/charges exceed $5, your account will be blocked and you will not be able to check out material. Replacement costs, collections fees, overdues from movies and video games, etc. still apply.

My teen reads adult fiction. Will he/she incur overdue fines?

No. Items checked out by your child on their juvenile card will not have overdue fines.