What's Happening

Today is Orville Wright's Birthday!

In honor of Mr. Wright, we will be reading airplane stories, looking at the first airplanes built and flying our own rocket ships!

Literacy Tip of the Week: Just like adults, kiddos like to read what they are interested in. . . a great way to get your kiddo to read for fun is reading what interests them! Airplanes, Pokemon, dragons, dogs, whatever it may be.



We are going to be making some cool upcycled wind chimes at Adult Crafting tonight! We have some great thrift shop and garage sale finds to upcycle. If you have anything in your kitchen your not using anymore. . .bring it with you. 

windchime.png Annotation 2019-08-15 143042.png

It's the anniversary of the first Model T built by Henry Ford's Company! I personally love cars, right after books of course! Model T's are the coolest, however, the first thing my mom brain thinks of when I see a Model T is how LONG trips would take when your top speed is 45mph. Also, the maintainance. First generation of anything always has bugs and extra maintenance until the kinks are worked out. 

At today's storytime we will look at the Model T's, follow a very inventive little boy and go on a long road trip. 


Awesome, imaginative things are always happening at Library LEGO. We have a new LEGO challenge every week! This week's challenge was to build a pirate ship. There were some very cool creations! Love it!

spiderpirate_1.JPG ship.JPG

Today's storytime will be stories about underwear. You read that right. . . Underwear. Today is National Underwear Day and there are a surprising amount of children's books about underwear. Get ready to laugh and come on by!

Literacy Tip of the Week: Read some humorous stories to your kiddo. Puns and dad jokes help build literacy skills and a deeper understanding of our language. Additionally, kids love slapstick comedy and mishap. These themed books are certain to keep a kiddo's attention. 

IMG_4125_1.JPG Book Recommendation kiddo laugh.png


Our hard working Friends Group has a ton of books ready to come up for the book sale. Book Sale is Thursday and Friday this week!!

Thursday 4:00pm-8:00pm

Friday 9:00am-5:00pm


We have a fun assortment of stories this morning and a engaging game of "I spy" planned. Be sure to stop by!

Early Literacy Tip of the Week: Play "I Spy"! I Spy is a great way to incorporate vocabulary, colors, counting and critical thinking skills. There are also some great I Spy books in the library!

Color and Maze Activity

shh.jpg spy.JPG

Storytime today will be about siblings! Many of us have a brother or sister. These are fantastic stories many of our kiddos can relate to. 

Early literacy tip of the Week: Have your kiddos read to each other! If they are too young, pretending to read to each other and make up a story to go along with the illustrations can be great fun too!




Stop by today at 5! We have a cool upcycle project in store. 

Have a cup you'd like to upcycle? Bring it with! 


Did you love the last book club read? Check out these titles!

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