Beginning July 2021

The Library is no longer overdue fines on late materials.png


What does “fine free” mean?

Fines are charged for materials returned past their due date. Fine free will eliminate fees charged for returning materials to the library after their due date.

Do I still need to return my library books?

Yes! Items that are kept 28 days past their due date are considered lost, and the replacement value is charged to your account.

Doesn’t the library need the overdue fine money to operate the library?

Overdue fines make up a very small part of the library budget, about 2%. Most of our funds come from city and county taxes with supplemental funds coming from donations, and The Friends of the LIbrary. All donations made to The Friends of the Library are greatly appreciated.

Can I check out materials if there are other fees/charges on my card?

If your fees/charges exceed $5, your account will be blocked and you will not be able to check out material. Replacement costs and collections fees, still apply.