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If you were a fan of the last Book Club read. Check out these titles!

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We hope everyone is still enjoying school! We have some fun school bus stories today!


We have an awesome craft for this Thursday's Adult Crafting! Melted Records!! See you all at the Bear's Den at 5.

Today we will have a special storytime where we will listen to how the raven got his crooked nose! Happy Indigenous Peoples' Day!


We have two awesome new dragon stories in the library that make great read-a-louds. So, today will be a dragon themed storytime!

Dragon themed color by numbers 


October is a great month to have Stephen King trivia!! This month's 'Guess the Book' will a be all Stephen King. There are so many ways to participate and get in for the monthly drawing. . . come in the library (of course), send a private FB message with your answers or text your name and answers to 920-710-0350! Winner will be selected at the end of the month:-)


Guess the Book

Halloween EDITION!




Stephen King may be the all time best  horror writer! Which book title matches the description?

  1. Insanely long story with creepy, sewer clown.

    1. Misery

    2. The Shining

    3. It

  2. Burgers are better with vintage beef.

    1. 11/22/63

    2. Bag of Bones

    3. The Dark Half

  3. Learn how to spell!

    1. Mr. Mercedes

    2. Pet Semetery

    3. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button


The geese are flying south! Today's storytime will be all about geese. We have two great stories, fun games and 3D coloring!

Print out the 3D coloring page we used at storytime.

Pretend your a goose getting into mischief in this viral goose game!


Are you excited for the new John Grisham?! The Guardians will be released October 15th, but there is already a long wait . . . Here are 9 books to read while you wait for the new John Grisham.

Find other reading recommendations on our Pinterest page!

Book Recommendation The guardians.png 

We're packed and ready for Adult Crafting tonight. See you at our new crafting location. . . The Bears Den! 5pm! We are going to be making monogrammed canvas or coasters.

craft.jpg monogram.jpg

Fall is my favorite season! Color, apples, cider, pumpkin flavored everything! It's amazing. Of course with these first peeks of fall color we are going to have a fall storytime! We will also be bringing out the scarves today and doing fun songs. 

Early Literacy Tip of the Week: It's beautiful outside this time of year. Go on a nature walk. There are many literacy activities to incorporate into a nature walk! Find outside objects for each letter of the alphabet. Make letters out of items from nature. Do a scavenger hunt.