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No surprise here. . . librarians love organization! Thus, we love Marie Kondo. If you are also a fan, you will love these titles! The library has a large collection of books on getting your home organized. 

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We just got Ticket to Ride! 

This is a really fun game to play as a family! It is not overly complicated, you can still chat while playing, game time is under an hour and it has many expansions to keep the game fresh through the years. Playing board games are a great way to connect as a family. Playing games together helps your kiddos build general knowledge and skills such as counting, colors, early reading. It also builds problem solving skills and is good for fine motor skills (Bringing Back Family Game Night, PBS) 

Family board games (and puzzles) can be a bit pricey. So you want to know if your family enjoys the game before you make that investment! That is exactly why our library and many others check out games and puzzles! Stop by the library and peek at the game and puzzle collections. There are also discovery kits, puppets and baby puzzles in the children's department!


We are working to get ready for Valentine's Day this year! Watch out for new book displays and activities in the library!

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Today is Martin Luther King Jr. day! Today is a great day to read stories about kindness, inclusion and cultural groups outside of your own. Books are a robust tool for helping children understand their homes, communities and the world around them.

What to read to your kids on MLK day. . .

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Here are some great reads for reluctant readers who love SpongeBob. These books are also great for school age kids that like SpongeBob and are looking for something new to read!

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Friends of the Library books sale will be Thursday 17th: 4-8pm & Friday 18th: 9-5pm! Tons of magazines, books, audio books, dvd's and more.

Kids and YA books: $0.10, Paperbacks: $0.25, Hardcovers: $0.50, DVDs: $1, CDs: $0.50, Audio books: $2, Magazine bundles: $0.50, Puzzles: $0.25!


This Thursday at the library we will be making homemade cocoa mix at Adult Crafting. Making your own cocoa mix, spice blends, cleaning detergents, baby food and more can save you a ton of money each year. If you want to save money in your home check out these books to get started!

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We are reading about adorable baby animals today! We will learn some interesting facts about mountain lions, play with puppets and sing silly songs!

Early Literacy Tip of the Week:

Encourage your baby's coos, growls, and gurgles! They are your baby's way of communicating with you, and are important first steps toward speech. Encourage attempts to mimic you. The more your baby practices making sounds, the clearer they will become. Go ahead and moo, woof and honk!


We are going to be reading Dinosaur books today at story time! 

  • The Dinosaur Expert, by Margaret McNamara
  • Bigger than You, by Hyewon Kyung
  • Dini Dinosaur, by Karen Beaumont

If you would like to do some dinosaur crafts at home. . . check out the Clintonville Library Pintrest board!

Early Literacy tip of the Week: If you don’t know what your child is working on in school, ask them! Or ask their teacher to share their unit plans. Once you know what your child is learning, build on those lessons at home to deepen their knowledge and draw more connections to them.


Have you seen the new season of Black Mirror on Netflicks? Love it or hate it. . . a choose your own adventure in films is pretty cool. But of course this is not an original concept of Netflix. There have been choose your own adventure books for decades. We all loved the Choose Your Own Adventure series from the 80's! Guess what. . . they still make choose your own adventure for kids, teens and adults. And they are just as awesome. If you're looking for a choose your own adventure, check out this list to get started. Check out these titles on infosoup.

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