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Did you enjoy the last Library Book Club book, The Nest? If so, you should read one of these titles next! The Library Book Club next book will be Mischling by Affinity Konar. Join us Monday, March 18th at 6:30pm!

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We are all excited for our Dr. Seuss Bash this Wednesday. . . So, today we're reading Dr. Seuss books! Dr. Seuss was a master rhymer! Rhyming is great for young children to develop literacy skills. "Rhyming teaches children how language works.  It helps them notice and work with the sounds within words." (Why Rhyming is important, 2016)

Early Literacy Tip of the Week: Rhyme with your kids!

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Where the Crawdads Sing has been on all the top sellers lists almost all winter. If you have not read this incredible book by Delia Owens yet, it is a must read this winter! This is a great book for adults and young adults. The story is set on the Carolina coast in the 50's and 60's. If you love a story with a quirky main character, a murder investigation, with a splash of romance . . . you'll thoroughly enjoy this read.

If you already enjoyed curling up with this book during one of our snowstorms this winter, then you'll love one of these titles for your next read. 

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How can storytime get any better? Add a guest reader and cheese, that's how! Today we had a guest, Alex, from the Farm to School Program. Alex brought us all cheese to try from local cows and read a story about cows! 

Alex will be back this summer with more snacks and activities during the Summer Library Program!


There is a fun opportunity coming up for young authors! Manawa Elementary School will be hosting a workshop for young authors where they get to meet other authors, get their books signed and ask questions.

After kids get the stories from their creative minds into words. . . there is a whole new process of publishing. At this workshop they will learn about the process from seasoned writers. 

There are amazing books out there written by children and young adults! I just discovered that the title I am just finishing today and LOVE is written by a teenager. Christopher Paolini's Eragon series is an amazing read. I am on the second book and I am hooked, which says a lot because it is not a genre I typically read! Check out these other titles written by children and young adults!

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We're ready for storytime today! We have some fun Valentine's Day stories with favorite characters and puppets!

Early Literacy Tip of the Week: Add sensory activities into your kiddos play time! Letters drawn in whipped cream or finger paint are a great way to promote learning with all senses while forming letters.

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Do your kids love the LEGO movies? The new LEGO movie is out!  If your kids are a fan of the lego movies, the will love these books.

9 Books to Read if you love The LEGO Movie (K-5th grade edition)

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This week's storytime is filled with songs and movement. 

Rhyming and music are great ways to focus the mind on the sounds being perceived and promote learning with an engaging platform. Music has always been a way for children to remember stories and learn about the world around them. Using music as a stimulus can affect one's emotions and make information easier to remember. This is an important tool for early literacy skills. 

There are fabulous new books being published that have music, songs and learning tips that come with the book! Clintonville Library's children picture books are organized into "families" by topic. We have a entire section for picture books with songs and rhymes! Stop by and check them out!

Check out this website for great songs that promote literacy!

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This months "Guess the Book" is posted in the library. We have a special Valentines Day theme! 

Also, in the month of February we have pass on kindness cards placed in community selected picture books! If you find a card in your picture book. . . come get a treat from the circulation desk and place the card in YOUR favorite picture book!

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We took a poll in the teen room and tomorrows fandom will be Harry Potter! We are putting together a snack menu and preparing trivia questions! There will be prizes for the trivia winners. 

Mmmmm.. . . . Butter beer, yum!