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Storytime today will be all about spring! There are lots of fun activities to do in spring. So many colors popping up and animals coming back!

Literacy Tip of the Week: Take a walk on one of our nice spring days and play I Spy. I spy is a great way for kiddos to utilize problem solving skills, practice colors and learn new vocabulary. 


This weekend is the Green Bay Comic Book Convention! Comics are like pizza, almost everyone loves them. The comic convention is a fun family activity for the weekend! After you go to the comic convention. . . here are some great titles to check out. 9 Books to Read if you love Comics.

Book Recommendation  Comics (1).jpg

If you are like us at CPL when we find a series we love. . . we read through all the books, watch the movie (if there is one) and still crave more. We're sure many of our patrons who have read The Rich Novel Series by Kevin Kwan feel the same way. You've read all three books, you've watched Crazy Rich Asians . . . now what? Here are nine titles to read if you loved The Rich Novel Series!

Book Recommendation  The Rich Novels.jpg

We are going to be reading an old favorite this morning at storytime, Where the Wild Things Are. Our monster them will lead us to some other great stories, finger plays and learning activities!

Early Literacy Tip of the Week: Try board and cloth books for babies By age 1, babies can grab books. Board and cloth books are great options for babies who like to touch things and put everything in their mouths. Our library has a great collection of board books, including some great classics like the one we are reading today!


Michelle Obama's new biography, Becoming, hit the stands last fall. Since then it has been at the top of every ones reading list and the wait list for this title in our library system is pages long. Save your dollars and read some of these titles while you wait for your name to come up on the list for Becoming!

Book Recommendation  Becoming.jpg


We see some snow melting today!! Yeah. It could be wishful thinking, but we are reading stories about SPRING this morning. 

Early Literacy Tip of the Week: Find a scrap of exposed sidewalk or driveway and get out the sidewalk chalk. Bring the outdoors and fine motor skill together in one activity, coloring with sidewalk chalk helps build fine motor skills. Older kiddo's will love practicing writing their name for all the neighbors to see. 


Today was so much fun with 3rd and 4th grade classes from Longfellow taking a fieldtrip to the library for UnMaker Morning! The kids had a great time and learned what's inside some common electronics. Even the teachers had a great time! 

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With school being on a make up snow day. . . our family movie is cancelled. Have a great day at school everyone!


Today we will be having a Dinoriffic storytime! We will read some fun dinosaur stories, dinosaur felt board activity, dino everything!

Early Literacy Tip of the Week: Have your little one do mental aerobics! Fine motor skill activities are stimulating for the brain. Have your baby play with knob puzzles, point at objects, do finger plays, make a game out of hand washing, pick up small snacks like cheerios, etc. 


The March Guess the Book is up in the library! Stop by and get your answers in. Congratulations to our February winner, Emily! Winner is choose at the first of every month.

Guess the answer from the image or solve online!

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