What's Happening

Storytime at the library is the perfect activity for this rainy spring morning! Today we are going to read stories about rain and spring. We have fun activities planned and play areas for after storytime!

50 Activities to do with kids on a rainy day


If you are a fan of The Hunger Games, 1984, and/or Brave New World. . . . you are a dystopian reader! Dystopian novels at set in an imperfect world, often times a world which has no government or an oppressive government. Dystopian novel frequently feature a ruling class of citizens, disasters, war, revolution, or overpopulation. While this may sound like a bleak and depressing start of a novel, the societal twist is completely fascinating!

If you're a dystopian fan, here are 9 titles that you should have on your reading list:

Book Recommendation Dystopian.jpg

This weeks storytime focus on the oddities that are in the English language. So many words, so many meanings, so many single words with different meanings. You catch my drift. . . . We will be having tons of fun with words today!


Lots happening at the library today! Relics ready to be taken apart for UnMaker Morning and movies all afternoon! Stop by the library on your day off of school.


Adult Crafting is tomorrow at 5pm! We are going to be doing natural floral arranging with a seasoned florist. It may seem dull and brown outside still, but I got out yesterday in our beautiful weather and clipped some beautiful branches, willows and grasses.

Having a pretty floral arrangement in your home this time of year doesn't need to be costly (actually, it could be free) and it can be beautiful! We have great books in the library on floral arranging, home decor and crafts. I love paging through them for inspiration!


Was the newly released black hole pictures like Christmas morning for you? Do you cringe when you see science inaccuracies in books and film? Then this read list is just for you!

Book Recommendation Astronomy Nerds.jpg


Has everyone seen the first ever photo of a black hole that was taken last week by the Event Horizon Telescope!? The photos are amazing! This first in astrophysics calls for a space theme storytime today!



We love this best selling author! If you have read Girl Wash Your Face and loved it, your sure to like these picks (just a heads up, some have sassy titles).

Book Recommendation Rachel Hollis.jpg


At this weeks storytime we're going pull out all the great nursery rhymes and fingerplays! One of our books this morning is The Eensy Weensy Spider Freaks Out. This story is a comical retelling of the fingerplay the Itsy Bitsy Spider from the spider's perspective. 

Itsy Bitsy Spider Coloring Page

Early Literacy Tip of the Week: Do finger plays with your baby and toddler! Fingerplays are a great way to build fine motor skills, memory and social skills (Moyses, 2012).


The April 'Guess the Book' is up in the library! Congratulations to Leah, our March winner. There are great prizes to choose from. Stop by and get your answers in, the winner is choose the last day of the month. 

(Full admission: Making this months 'Guess the Book' had me laughing out loud in my office like a complete goofball.)