What's Happening

It's construction day in the library. While these kind gentlemen are fixing the library door, we will be listening to stories on construction! We have tools to hunt for in the toolbox and a fun activity with drum sticks. 

Today is our first day having storytime for the older kiddos at 1pm! During this storytime we are going to plan our own construction project!

Literacy Tip of the Week: Grab a non-fiction title for your kiddo! Stories are great, but they are only one component of reading. "Children love facts and information, and while it is vital to teach children to read, it is even more important to help them explore a range of genres for themselves." (Hunt, 2017)

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Congratulations to Becky, our May winner!

Our June 'Guess the Book' is up. Guess the book from the quote. This one is a little tricky, so it is multiple choice.


Today is going to be a super fun Ninja storytime! We have classic stories retold ninja style, ninja dress up and ninja MadLibs! It's going to be lots of fun. 

Literacy Tip of the Week: Make sure you read everyday! With summer break starting this week it is especially important to make an extra effort to read every day. Summer shouldn't be a break from learning, make sure your kiddo's skill grow over the summer. 

Ninja MadLibs

Ninja Coloring Page


It's Memorial Day weekend! Take this long holiday weekend and get outside with your kids! Need some inspiration for outdoor activities for kids? Check out these titles. 

"6 Reasons children need to play outside"

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Stop by the library this afternoon at 5pm! We are going to be making DIY men's care. . . beard balm and aftershave!


Do your kiddos love Toy Story? Here are some great titles to check out if they can't wait for the next Toy Story movie to release!

Book Recommendation Toy Story.jpg

Todays storytime is going to be all about dragons! (Game of Thrones inspired:-)  We are going to have a shaker activity, some sign language and crafts!

Early Literacy Tip of the Week: Summer is almost here and kiddos want to get out to play. If your kiddo is getting squirmy and loosing interest it's ok to put the book away. Reading should be fun, pick the story back up later:-)

Have an empty toilet paper roll? Try this craft at home.

Hope to see you all at storytime!



In honor of the Kentucky Derby we will be reading about horses today at storytime! We have fun activities planned! Stop by the library!


It may not feel like it right now. . . but gardening season is just around the corner. We have so many great gardening books to inspire you for your garden this year! Neat DIY projects, soil building, composting, crop rotation, you name it. Stop in the library for your garden inspiration.

Check out Info Soup for the full list of gardening books!


May’s “Guess the Book” is up in the library! Congratulations to our April winner, Kim!