Safe at Home Adult Crafting

Ashley and I are super bummed that we can't get together for Adult Crafting. This month was supposed to be potted herbs. Since we can't get together for potted herbs. . . Ashely and I thought we'd share what crafty things we have been up to during 'Safe at Home'! We'd love to see what crafts your doing also. Share them on our Facebook page!

Here are the projects Ashley has been working on!

I am working on a hand-made quilt (no machine at all!) with fabric scraps. I've actually been working on this for quite a while, but now I have more time to work on it since we are working from home.


Have some old records you  don't know what to do with? Make them into wall hangings! I traced a butterfly with chalk onto the record, put it in the oven at 250 degrees for a few minutes to melt and make pliable, then cut with a regular scissors. The record cools quickly, so you will have to repeat heating in the oven several times. It is best to use a pan that you don't mind wrecking or using exclusively for crafting projects as it can leave a vinyl residue on the pan. When finished cutting, you can reheat one last time to shape your creation how you would like.


Here are the projects Katherine has been working on!

I have also been doing a bit of quilting! However, I was trying to use up some scrap material to make a new dress. This is a photo of the bottom section. It's not finished yet. When it is I'll post a picture or you'll see me wearing it at the Library!


I've also been upcycling some old embroidery hoops and making plant hangers. The plant hangers are just attached at three point using some old yarn wound around a bunch of times. So far, so good. Nothing has crashed to the floor and the plants are safe from cats. The small embroidery hoop were also a good substitute for having to get frames for my kiddos senior pictures!

IMG_0985.jpg  IMG_0987.jpg


Stay safe, 

Ashley and Katherine